Why did you choose the name Karbon Kast?

Karbon Kasting is the name of the process we are using for this style of metal art. But in reality its actually a compressed aluminum membrane. We choose Karbon Kast because Carbon Cast was taken and we wanted to reference the style to Han Solo in Carbonite. “The double K’s in the title also have a fun element to it and it’s visually interesting,” say’s graphic designer Mark Boehly. People often ask if we are going to create a life like Han Solo in Carbonite and our answer is yes. It will be a one time thing and it will cost you a lot of money. :p

This process was a total accident but that’s how all the best things are found. If you like our products we ask you to please take photos and share it all over the internet, facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter or whatever social media you prefer. We think the whole world is ready for some Karbon in their life.

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