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The archangel is the best of its kind, strong and graceful. He’s willing to protect humanity and men that struggle with darkness. This angel has a fourteen-foot wing span and is made from steel, brass and aluminum.


Baby Giraffe


The baby giraffe is constructed from found elements ranging from spoons to push-rods. The design is a strong piece on its own but it was created to stand next to its mother which is another work of art titled “Forged Grace.”



Flying Bowling Pin


The flying bowling pin is a trophy among trophy’s with its roman armor influence’s and highlight’s. The piece is wrapped in aluminum and riveted together with highlights of chain and bronze.



Flying Toaster (Metal Wings)


Screen Savior is an original idea inspired from a 1995 Microsoft screen saver. We used a vintage chrome toaster and aluminum wings. This piece would make a great addition to anyone who appreciates old technology.



Foraged Grace Giraffe


Forged Grace is a mother that is designed to protect her young. She is constructed of hard undertones and soft overtones. She was inspired by a Salvador Dali panting and is one of the tallest pieces we have produced.



$1,000.00 $900.00

Gearhead was created for the perfect decor for any “Gearhead.” We killed a Borg and froze his parts inside liquid carbonite for eternity.